We provide English and mathematics tuition, GCSE, SATs and 11 Plus Exam courses at locations  in the South East of England. Our extra tuition centres are located in sports and community centres so as to provide safe, easy-to-find, easy-to-park venues for you to bring your child to study. Your child is tutored by qualified teachers and classroom assistants, fully trained in the Extra Tuition Centre method of learning. There is one qualified teacher in charge of each session, with a ratio of one classroom assistant to four children.

We first provide the child with a full online assessment to assess where help may be needed, they take one to two hours to complete and are designed to thoroughly test a child’s ability and standards of achievement. Assessments (selected according to the child’s age) vary depending on what the child may be experiencing difficulty with and can include Mathematics, English, Reading and Spelling, or a combination of any of these elements.

Each of the ETC Action Assessments are linked to the national curriculum. The results of these first assessments are fed into ELC ACTION (our bespoke diagnostic application) that help us create an ETC Lesson Action Plan - a personalised and targeted learning plan for each child.

Lessons are then offered to work on the topic areas required. We work at various centres either during the week 4pm-5pm or 5pm-6pm or on Saturday mornings. Our website will show which centres teach on which days (www.extratuition.com).

Each child is taught in a group, but follows their unique Action Plan which updated for every lesson. The combination of group learning with each child working at their own pace on their specific requirements helps improve their confidence in the class environment. Lessons are then offered to work on the topic areas required.

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Saturdays 9:30am to 12:30pm

Year 2 - GCSE

Gerry McMahon or Fiona Jackson

01474 321658

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gerry@extratuition.com or fiona@extratuition.com



Hurst Community Centre


Hurst Place   Hurst Road   Bexley   DA5 3LH   020 8300 2076

Managed by Youth Action Diversity Trust