We are a branch of the London region of the Workers’ Educational Association (WEA) which provides courses for adults. This autumn we shall be running a crafts course at the centre.

Fabric Printing and Patchwork - 10 sessions on Monday evenings from 22nd September to 1st December, with a break for half term. This is an exciting course in design and printing using acrylic paint onto fabric. Come and create a design to print on  fabric with which you will then make a unique bag. After this you will learn how to make blocks of pineapple patchwork, by hand or machine, which you can then make into a cushion or a bag with some machine quilting. There will be tuition in using a sewing machine. Further information is available using the contact details below.

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Monday 7:30pm to 9:30pm (first and last sessions of the course end at 10pm)

19+ years

82.95 or free if receiving certain means tested benefits

Eileen Ramberan

020 8300 1845



Hurst Community Centre


Hurst Place   Hurst Road   Bexley   DA5 3LH   020 8300 2076

Managed by Youth Action Diversity Trust